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Experience the thrill of dymanic imagery and visual effects.

...Penney Starr
Web Page Animation

Websites for any budget, from $25 per month.

Turnkey designs * Your web space * Full feature web pages for your website from $75/page.

Experience the beauty of elegant formats and cool graphic layouts.

...Linda Grimes
Graphics Design

Satisfaction guaranteed; or, you don't pay a cent.

We will work with you, within your existing budget, to create a fantastic website.

Experience the value of effective design and function.

...Dutch Sonderson
Design Team Lead

Our prices and quality will blow away your competition and bring customers to your door.

Launch a money making business website for $299/year (Six big pages, 15 images, music).

The legend of Dutch Sonderson

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...See web pages delivered at speeds from 2 to 5 times their normal Internet speed.

We design with JavaScript and DHTML to exploit the best features of modern day browsers.

Gone are the days of static (Yawn!) web pages with boring content.

AFTI StarDrive Technology makes it happen. It can be yours at a very affordable price.


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Below are links to just a few of our client sites:

Circle A Electric

ProStar Communications, Inc.

Montana Dreams

Howell's Aircraft

Car Turns, Inc.

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Big or small, we can turn your Internet dreams into a working reality.

You don't have to pay a king's ransom to have a great website operating in days, not months.


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Conkle Development, Inc...

Luxury homes by Verlan Conkle, DFW metroplex.

Elegant custom built homes for Texans.

Carter Kolodny, DDS...

We designed this website for a world class dentist...

You will enjoy your visit there. The marvels of great dentistry.

2000 Times...

This news oriented website is designed for a variety of uses. It has links to the best U.S. newspaper sites; and, it contains some original poetry by a very cool lady.

The website is for sale to interested parties; and, we can modify the design to suit your needs.

The domain name is; and, it should be an easy name for surfers to remember
Warfighter Technology...

The Multi-role Maritime Fighter concept.

Warfighter design and Strategic Studies.

2001 Toys...

Santa's toy factory ~ Your ultimate fantasy in online shopping for toys.

Toys for everyone--from babies to adults.
Our web pages are designed for kids.

Mountain Dreams...

Log cabin homes for those mountain dreams.

This website was designed for a Fort Worth based company.

CarTurns, Inc...

Be able to turn your car around on a narrow driveway.

For that birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, you can find it all right here with Startime Network online gift shopping.

Just click on the magic door; or, take a ride on the Startime Galaxy express.

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Startime Network
Startime Network
Startime Network
  • Welcome to Startime Network. We specialize in providing an Internet presence for the business world. The services offered are geared towards the small to medium business; but, we have also had clients whose dollar worth ranges in the hundreds of millions. We also provide consultation to individuals working on personal home pages. We do not advertise our services elsewhere on the Internet; so, as you are here you are most likely:

    • responding to a search engine inquiry, or
    • your are already impressed by some work that we did for another client, or
    • you were sent to Startime Network by one of our satisfied customers.

  • Read on to find out what Startime Network will do for you.


  • Design and Authoring - Services we offer include:

    • HTML web page encoding
    • Existing website renovation and restructuring
    • Graphics creation, retouching, viewing speed optimization
    • 2D animation
    • Java Script engineering (scrolling text and special effects)
    • StarDrive viewing speed acceleration
    • RealAudio (streaming sound) editing and encoding
    • Custom Banners

  • These services are tailored to each customer based on their needs and desires.

  • Hosting - Standard hosting of your website includes the URL (, 6 e-mail addresses (, 12 e-mail forwards, and your own FTP site.

  • Maintenance - Once your site has been designed, developed, and displayed on the Internet, we offer to maintain it for you. The maintenance can be updating periodic specials, catalogues, new prices, maintaining a current events page, etc.


  • Primary- Our primary goal in business is to make a profit for our owners (Would you trust any other claim?). With that issue put behind us, our means for acquiring that wealth is to provide customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is often repeated in the business world, but few know what it takes to make it happen.

    Here is the process that we employ. First, we learn as much as we can about your business presence and your customer sector. We ask a great many questions; and, we ask for your patience in this regard. What is the mission of your organization? What are your short and long term goals for your website? Who is your intended audience? These questions and others will help us to shape a website of which you will be proud.

  • Secondary - Our secondary goal relates to your customers. When they visit your site, their experience should be a fulfilling one. We all want themfor them to come back and to tell their friends about their experience. To do that, your website needs be well laid out, easy to navigate, good looking, and quick to download. These things lead to a sense of hospitality; and, this comfortable atmosphere helps emensely to get your message across to your viewers. Hopefully, they will return as your loyal customers.


  • Design and Authoring - We can charge a flat rate, per hour of work; or, we can bid on an entire project. Charging an hourly rate for our work may leave you wondering how productive we are; and so, we encourage our customers to think in terms of a turnkey project with a fixed price target. Charging by the web page or by the website is a customer decision; but first, we must agree on web page content and website layout. To give some examples, we can design a standard six page colorful website, with ten real photo images, starting at $600 USD. Special forms, dozens of product photos and complex table structures will raise the estimation of project cost accordingly. Some additional charges, for the creation or modification of pictures and graphics, are to be expected. Rest assured that we will design the site you want, with the content you want, without overcharging for options you don't use, or for work not performed.

  • Hosting - Hosting for most sites is $300 per year. This does not include the cost of your domain (i.e.,, etc.).

  • Maintenance - Maintenance fees may vary depending on the amount of labor required. They are usually between $65 and $150 per month.


If you have any questions, or need more information, contact us at; and we will be happy to provide you with a job quote, more information, or any help you might need with your personal home page.

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